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Fast & Furious 4

Our Custom Built Driveshafts are known around the world for their superior quality and proven
The popular Carbon Fiber Shaft is a continuous filiment wound
tube, allowing power to be transmitted from fiber to fiber which greatly
increases the overall horsepower capacity of the shaft.

Each driveshaft is specifically designed to optimize the characteristics of Carbon
Fiber required in your special application.

These shafts are great for anyone wanting to reduce weight, and increase power. Carbon Fiber
Driveshafts are lighter and stronger than any other type of shaft on the market.

This is great for drag racers, muscle cars, off-road vehicles and even a street

All of the tube yokes are built from forgings specifically designed for our carbon fiber
applications. This carbon fiber driveshaft is a perfect answer to long, high RPM
applications and can be engineered for any amount of horsepower.